Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning

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If the health of your babies and toddlers is important to you

Then, you need more than just professional carpet cleaning; you need baby safe carpet cleaning

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What is Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning …

It is a specialist, SAFE, pre-treatment applied to carpets before we professionally clean your carpet. The pre cleaning sanitizer safely cleans and protects your home, by removing harmful viruses, bacteria and odours. It is an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral sanitising pre cleaner. Viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B&C are instantly killed. Bacteria like MRSA and pseudomonas, fungi, algae, east and mildew are also killed. Carpets are then cleaned, using our advanced carpet cleaning procedure.

Why You Should Have Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning …

Your babies and toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor. Carpets are great filters for your home, trapping airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi etc, that you would normally breathe in, if you didn’t have carpets but, like all filters, they need cleaning properly! Regular vacuuming is great, professional carpet cleaning is fantastic; baby safe carpet cleaning is the ultimate way to protect young babies and toddlers from these harmful allergens, whilst they naturally build up their immune system.

When Can I Use The Room, After Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning

The carpet has the pre-treatment applied; killing the bacteria and viruses etc. and then it is rinsed out during the carpet cleaning process. The whole process of pre-treatment and cleaning is normally completed in 2 hours per room. The room is now safe for use but, I would advise you wait for carpets to dry, which normally takes around 4 hours (depending on type of carpet and thickness of pile)

How Often Should I Have Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning

Carpet manufacturers recommend carpets are professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 Months to prolong their useful life. Considering your child spends a lot of time on the carpet and, accidents do happen where, food and drink etc find their way onto the carpet. Bacteria and viruses live on this food and need to be removed more regularly. I would advise regular ‘Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning’ every 6 Months, (12 Months maximum) until children have built up their immune system at around 5 years old.

What Is The Cost of Baby Safe Pre Treatment?

The cost of applying ‘baby safe pre-treatment is only £25 per average size lounge room (15’x12’) but, I have an offer for you where, you can have ‘Baby Safe Pre Treatment’ for FREE! See below

All Carpets Should Have Protection After Cleaning

See how protection prolongs the ‘life’ of carpets– plus, when your child spills something onto your carpet, it is less likely that the spill turns into a stain. Carpet manufacturers recommend protection to carpets after cleaning.

How To Get FREE Baby Safe Pre Treatment

I will apply ‘baby safe pre-treatment’ for FREE when; you agree to have professional carpet cleaning at area discount rate plus protection at normal rates, for example…

To clean average lounge room carpet normally £70

Carpet protection applied £45

To apply ‘baby safe pre-treatment’ £25

To clean, protect and apply ‘baby safe pre-treatment’ to lounge room carpet (15’x12’) normally £140

You pay just £90

(Area discount rate- you pay £45, protection £45, baby safe FREE)

To apply baby safe pre-treatment (£25) and professionally clean carpet (with area discount £45)- without protection costs £70

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