Hard Floor Cleaning

How Do You Clean and Maintain Stone, Wood and Vinyl Floors …

If you have natural stone flooring such as Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone, Slate, Marble or Granite. You need periodic specialist cleaning and re sealing with impregnator to both the stone and grout.

Man-made stone such as Ceramic/Porcelain floors also require specialist cleaning and re sealing of the grouting.

Wooden floors need lots of care and attention, always maintain a seal on bare wood. In order to do this, the existing seal may need to be replaced via ‘sanding’ and a new seal put down to protect the floor and provide a key to apply a maintenance barrier such as polish.

Vinyl comes in many forms and in general, protection in the form of floor polish is needed to protect and enhance the beauty of the floor.

After specialist cleaning and sealing, it is important you maintain the floor properly. The main cause of damage to stone, vinyl and wood floors is surface scratching from dust and dirt. Try to place entrance mats inside and out entrances to absorb the dirt/dust. Regularly brush or vacuum floors to remove any dust and dirt.

Washing the floor must be carried out using neutral PH cleaning agents and use of ‘scouring’ agents should be avoided at all costs. Any acidic spills such as lemon juice or vinegar should be removed before they etch the surface of the stone.

Removal of ‘greasy’ build up on all floors requires the services of a specialist cleaner who knows whether to use alkaline, acid or neutral cleaners on your flooring

In general, maintenance of your hard floor requires the following processes:

  • Employ specialist cleaning contractor to thoroughly clean and neutralise the floor & apply the relevant seal/protection where necessary
  • Brush/Vacuum floor as often as possible to remove loose dust/dirt
  • Wash floor – with neutral cleaner, to remove grease and oils
  • Employ specialist cleaner to restore floor and apply any protection necessary – every 1-2 years, depending on usage. Continue with maintenance program as before

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