Nursery School Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Carpets at Cardiff Nursery School

Cleaning Carpets at Cardiff Nursery School

Nursery School Carpet Cleaning

Protect The Health Of Your Children

Does your nursery school have the problem of children not properly potty trained? Having accidents on the carpet and occasionally being sick!

Bacteria and allergens thrive in carpets containing urine etc and your children play on these carpets, putting their hands in their mouths. Placing the children at great risk of developing coughs, sneezes and other illnesses.

Parents of children attending nursery schools, need re assuring that the health of children are not put at risk, due to an unhealthy environment.

How are you to know that the cleaning method you use to clean up such accidents actually works? We have specialist detection equipment that tells us where the problem areas are. This allows us to pre-treat carpets with neutralising and odour removal agents. Removing the problem before general carpet cleaning takes place.

If you are proud of the standards you keep in your nursery and want to show the parents that you care about the well being of the children that attend your nursery …

Then, we can supply a certificate to show the parents that you maintain the highest standards of cleanliness by having the carpets cleaned, de odourised and sanitised to the highest standards by using Mr Spotless, the master carpet &upholstery cleaners of Cardiff.

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