Carpet Protection Treatment

Why should you have carpets protected after every clean? Take a look at this video

3 Reasons To Protect Carpets After Every Clean

Apply ‘Scotchguard’ to fabrics after cleaning to benefit you in 3 very important ways …

  1. Your Fabrics ‘Life’ Is Extended

It is the protection applied to Carpets that wears with use and not the fabric itself. Having protection re-applied periodically ensures that your Carpets are protected from wearing down and last a lot longer

  1. Spills Don’t Turn Into Stains

Protecting your Carpets provides a coating to the fibres so; any spillages sit on the surface and not penetrate into the fibres – giving you more time to remove the spill before it turns into a permanent stain

  1. You Find Everyday Vacuuming So Much Easier

Protection prevents the everyday dust/dirt from getting into your Carpets. The dust/dirt sits on top of the fabric and not in it – making vacuum maintenance a lot easier

Protection treatments such as ‘Scotchguard’ do wear off with use – which is better than your Carpets wearing prematurely. Regular cleaning and applying protection ensures that your fabrics keep looking like new for longer, spills are prevented from turning into stains and your life is made easier when performing vacuum maintenance

It is recommended by the leading Carpet manufacturers you clean and protect carpets at least once a year and upholstery within every 2 years (in fact your guarantee is usually void unless you do so). Rugs usually need cleaning and protection more often – due to the fact they are usually placed where there is the most traffic

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